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Saint FM hosts studio session on new smoking rules

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A studio discussion is being held by Saint FM on toughened-up smoking laws that come into effect in St Helena in September.

Leigh Richards will host six guests on Wednesday, 19 June, at 10am St Helena time (11am UK time).

They are: Frank Wastell, Crown Counsel; Jeremy Cairns-Wicks, police; Georgina Young, public health; Diana Roberts, owner of the White Horse, Hazel Wilmott, owner of the Consulate Hotel, and Vince Thompson of the St Helena Independent.

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The new Tobacco Ordinance will make it illegal for under 18s to smoke. At the moment the minimum age is 16, as in the UK. That will mean that some young people who legally smoke now will risk a £500 fine if they continue beyond 1 September 2012.

The new law also bans smoking in some buildings, and on public transport.

Retailers who sell cigarettes to under-18s will face a fine of up to £1,000 once the Tobacco Control Ordinance becomes law.

Anyone found smoking in a smoke-free place may be fined up to £300. Owners of premises or vehicles that are covered by the new law face the same fine for failing to display “no smoking” signs. Owners who fail to stop people from smoking in their smoke free premises may be fined up to £500.

Read more about the smoking campaign from St Helena Government here.

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