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The St Helena report and the gap in media

Sailors welcome: but don’t leave any nasty gifts

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Visiting mariners have been described as a potential health risk to people on St Helena – because of what they might get up to on shore.

The danger of them passing on diseases through amorous encounters has been identified as one of the impacts of the newly-approved plan to build a port in Rupert’s Bay.

Proposed measures to deal with the threat to community health include making free condoms available in the island’s bars, as well as health screening.

A risk of increased teenage pregnancy could be tackled with more sex education – though that would not benefit girls who have already left school.

Other measures include providing accommodation for seamen, and “strict controls on the import of drugs”.

The report includes a wry comment on the threat to local morals and health:

“This is not new to St Helena,” it says, “as the island has a long history as a port of call.”

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