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Naming this blog is no joshing matter

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This blog needs a proper name. It was to be The St Helena Monitor, but a Google search for that title found the name already taken, by a burglar-alarm shop in America.

Last night, I pondered initials and came up with The Josh – short for The Journal of St Helena.

‘To josh’ means to engage in light banter; to tease, in a good-natured way. It perfectly reflected the tone this website is aiming for.

Sadly, another Google search for The Josh produced a website that deals with issues that would make this blog blush.

So please, if any reader has a brilliant idea, please click the link at the foot of this post. A colleague has already suggested Tales Of St Helena, but I’m not falling for that one.

In the meantime, this blog continues to be called The Island That Was Eaten By Goats. It’s not snappy.

The goats, incidentally, were the voracious beasts introduced by passing mariners. They destroyed much of the vegetation on St Helena, prompting the historian Philip Gosse to call them ‘four-legged locusts’.

In 1588, Captain Thomas Cavendish described vast herds of goats, ‘which are very wild: you shall see one or two hundred of them together, and sometimes you may behold them going in a flock almost a mile long. Some of them are as big as an ass, with a mane like a horse and a beard hanging down to the very ground.’

The web address for this blog – – is taken from a rock feature at the entrance of a dry valley in Sandy Bay. It’s not meant to be insinuating anything – I just liked the name.


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