Missing piece of paper that left island without onions

A lack of onions on St Helena has come about because paperwork was not handed over.

The port authority in Cape Town, Transnet, refused to let thousands of onions be loaded aboard the RMS St Helena.

The result, according to island retailer Nick Thorpe, was panic-buying in the shops as customers snapped up what few onions they could find.

No more will come until August, he said.

His agent in Cape Town has now told St Helena Online what happened.

He said: “A hundred and seventy bags of onions were booked for W.A. Thorpe on the RMS voyage 176.

“However, as the clearing and forwarding agent failed to submit the necessary shipping order to Transnet, they refused to load the cargo.

“The shipping order is a Transnet document which must be submitted for all bulk cargo being exported.”

Paperwork problem leaves St Helena crying out for onions

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1 thought on “Missing piece of paper that left island without onions”

  1. I’m wondering if it’s like the fuel strike situation in the UK – as in, people panic buy and the pumps run out…If people went about their daily onion business, would we actually have had enough to last? I’ve don’t have any onion consumption stats at the ready….

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