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Mishievous Mike advertises ‘rival’ for sale – and it’s not a joke

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shbc Mike Olsson, who closed his Saint FM radio station on 21 December 2012, has advertised the station for sale – but made it look as if it’s his government-funded rival that’s on the market.

But he’s entitled to do just that – because he’s the legal owner of the St Helena Broadcasting Corporation.

It’s just that it’s not the same St Helena Broadcasting Corporation as the one that’s due to launch three new radio stations in January.

When it was first announced that the new corporation would be set up, Mike rushed out and legally registered the proposed name for himself.

As a result, the SHBC had to be formally named the St Helena Broadcasting (Guarantee) Corporation instead. But it still calls itself the SHBC and uses the web address

Mike cheekily offers both Saint FM and the name SHBC in the deal – but not the St Helena Independent newspaper, which he plans to keep publishing.

He suggests that any buyer should have no trouble getting a broadcasting licence, given a recent government statement welcoming diversity in the media.

Why we closed Saint FM, by Mike and Bernice
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LINK: Saint FM/Independent

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