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Michaela makes a Saintly May Queen in the Falklands

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Michaela Clifford and partner Wade Ford. Picture: Terri Biggs
Michaela Clifford and partner Wade Ford. Picture: Terri Biggs

Michaela Clifford has become the first person born on St Helena to be named May Queen on the Falkland Islands.

The daughter of John and Cherie Clifford was given the starring role at the May Ball, a tradition dating back to Victorian times.

John said: “Michaela is the second St Helenian to win the May Queen.

“The first was Layla Crowie, in 2006 I think. Although she is Falklands born, her dad is Bobby Crowie of Longwood.

“Needless to say, Michaela is chuffed to bits, and we are very proud parents.  With Michaela is her partner Wade Ford, who was her escort for the Ball.

“Wade also won the Prince Charming prize, voted by the public. The May Queen is chosen by a panel of judges.”

In 2012, Penguin News editor Lisa Watson told the Daily Telegraph the May Ball was for teenagers aged 15 and upwards. She said the May Queen was judged on her dancing and her dress.

“It dates back to Victorian times,” she said, “and was an excuse to have ballroom dancing lessons and get their parents to buy them a puffy dress. The youngsters would usually
consider something like this terribly uncool, but they’re becoming increasingly
enthusiastic about old traditions.

“I think it’s because after their GCSEs they qualify to study in the UK, and being away from home makes them appreciate their own culture.”

Falklands May Queen and Prince Charming chosen – Penguin News

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