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Meeting on maths teacher shortage – full transcript

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Students in St Helena have been struggling without enough qualified maths teachers for most of the past academic year. Year 11 pupils have gone into GCSE exams in the subject with help from stand-in teachers. On 13 June 2012, the parents’ association at Prince Andrew School called a public meeting on the issue – which the director of education insisted was not a crisis. Click here to read a full-transcript, as taken from a recording by Radio St Helena’s Ralph Peters – broadcast on the internet by Saint FM.

“I can’t not pay tribute to those teachers and staff of the school who have gone the extra mile for a number of months to assist with the teaching of mathematics outside of their responsibilities. I know I have been very reliant on the goodwill, the high levels of professionalism, to keep things on track.”

– Colin Moore, St Helena director of education.

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