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Mantis to Develop New Hotel on Saint Helena, Island in South Atlantic

Mantis, a collection of privately owned boutique hotels and eco escapes around the world, announces its latest project will be the development of a five star hotel on the island of Saint Helena, a British overseas territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean.

View from Ladder Hill Fort
View from Ladder Hill Fort

As one of the most remote places in the world, more than 1,200 miles from the nearest major landmass and with its rich flora and fauna, the island certainly fits with Mantis’ mantra of “unearthing the exceptional”.

A team of six from Mantis, including founder and chairman Adrian Gardiner, visited the island in January of this year and identified Ladder Hill Fort as the location for the five star hotel, which will have 45 bedrooms, including 10 self-catering units, a restaurant, spa and fitness facilities.

Read more at: Luxury Travel Magazine or view the Mantis Collection.

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  • Are there any proposals by airlines about how many flights a week will be offered and from/to where ? All eggs in one basket or several carriers ? The frequency of flights will determine the travel pattern of visitors and the length of their stay.

  • Thank you Simon ! I totally disagree with Shelco’s statement that only direct flights from/to Europe can fill a hotel.
    St.Helena will hardly be the prime destination for a trip from overseas. The island is too small, the cost of flights too high.
    Wealthy travelers from all over the world will include St.Helena as a very special bonus on their travels to South Africa and/or South America.
    The key is indeed a very intelligent scheduling of flights and destinations. Capetown, Johannesburg and Windhoek are logical airports. This will enable side trips to St. Helena from/to Southern Africa.
    But this is not enough. It should be possible to build an ‘air bridge’ between South America and Southern Africa via Ascension Island and St.Helena. Possibly even including the Falklands.
    Flights have to be coordinated in such a way, that passengers can connect with RAF Flights from/to UK and LAN Chile Flights.
    a new route Rio or Sao Paolo to Ascension and St. Helena.
    This will offer affluent travelers the opportunity to include St. Helena (and Ascension) between South America and Southern Africa.
    This way several combinations would become possible with stays of different lengths on St.Helena.

    I am not going that far as to ask that a new airline be founded to handle the traffic in the British South Atlantic Territories, but an intense dialogue hast to start soon between South African and Namibian airlines with Chilean and Brazilian Airlines to make this happen.
    The UK can improve quality of flights from the UK to Ascension in order to ideally feed into this new South Atlantic network between South America and Southern Africa.

    Very few people will fly from Europe just to St.Helena and back. St. Helena can be a fantastic pearl in a necklace spreading between Southern Africa and South America !

  • I would like to visit my family as i haven’t seen them since 2000, I’ve been in England for forty nine years and i have fond memories of growing up on the island, what a wonderful present to myself for when i retire from work as it’s going back to my roots for when i was younger. Jasmine McGowan/ Crowie

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