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Malvinas anthem and salvaged pictures go online

Falklands War photographs and film saved from government destruction have been published on a new Malvinas blog launched by Argentina’s Télam news agency.

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The blog sets out ‘to wage the cultural, political, diplomatic and historical battle of the Latin American peoples against the British usurpation and the multinational colonialism exercised by the dominant sectors’.

The site also features a YouTube recording of a patriotic anthem, with full orchestra, overlaid with images of the islands, Argentinian soldiers and gravestones.

Lyrics translate as:

Absent, defeated, under an alien flag,
No land is more beloved throughout the fatherland,
Who is talking here of oblivion, of renouncement, of forgiveness?

Francisco ´Pancho’ Pestanha, who is responsible for the blog (, said undeveloped rolls of film were found in Télam’s photographic archives. ‘Many images were saved by the workers, because the dictatorship wanted to destroy them,’ he said.

‘The blog has enough space for culture, history, opinions and also biographies.’

News stories on the blog – in Spanish – include a statement by former Pink Floyd guitarist Roger Waters in support for Argentina’s claim to the Falkland Islands.


Télam news agency launches Malvinas blog
Argentinian photographs of the Falklands invasion

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  • “cultural, political, diplomatic and historical battle”

    I wrote on Feb 12: “now there is a systematic approach: on the diplomatic front, the media front, the UN, the economic front, even the possibility of autonomy for the islanders. This time the Argentinians are playing to win.”

    I am sorry if I am spamming your blog, I will add you to my blogroll so you get some of my traffic 🙂

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