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Listeners react to Saint FM’s shock closure announcement

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The closure of Saint FM has been greeted with dismay. A succession of e-mail messages have been broadcast, many from overseas listeners who tune in via the internet.

… and now Saint FM will be closing down on Friday 21st – will miss it, it’s the first thing I log on to each day and have it on ’til late at night. No more daily news bulletins several time in the day.  :(
– Reg Duncan, UK

These comments have been posted on Facebook:

Vince Williams: Why dont the people who help to run the island think of we the people over seas….WHO look forward to saint FM…WHO look forward to the news…WHAT KIND  of people running the island…look like there are TWO kinds of saints

Frederick Stuart: It is a very sad Day for All the Saint’s around the World! Whats St Helena comming TO? and stopping at Christmas time is very sad! But Bless Mike & Bernice for all your hard work you have put in to sending us “Saint FM”,and many thanks for that! and a sad Day for St Helena!  Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2013 Mike & Bernice. XXXX

Gina Anthony: Come on this can’t happen what are we going to listen to I used to have it on first thing in the morning to last thing at night

Delia Carter: OMG  why why why especially this time year …really ???  like everyone else We feel closer to home  with Saint FM

Lucinda Corney: OMG!! This is so sad, i feel gutted, saint FM makes me feels closer/connected to my family and friends, this is such a sad and huge loss for us saints

Cindy Yon: This is the ideal time to shut off our radio’s! If everyone refuse to listen to the bloody governments station then that would be a good result. Thank you Saint Fm for everything. Happy Xmas.

Listen to Saint FM via the internet, here

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