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Last walk to landmark before explosions rock airport site
Rocky outcrop

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Rocky outcrop
King and Queen Rocks are on one of St Helena’s postbox walks. Picture by John Grimshaw

A “last chance” walk to one of St Helena’s most spectacular landmarks has been organised – before explosions on the island’s airport site make it too dangerous.

The construction works on Prosperous Bay Plain will be closed off to the public from 6 August 2012 until further notice.

A government statement said: “In order to create the platform for the airport, a considerable quantity of explosives will be used and there will be frequent blasts taking place.

“We are trying to give the contractor as much flexibility as possible to carry out blasts as and when required. There are likely to be periods when blasts could take place several times a day.

“Warning sirens will be sounded before each blast and the normal safety procedures will be followed. However, in the interests of public safety, it will not be possible to permit public access to Prosperous Bay Plain during such major construction work.”

The walk to King and Queen Rocks takes place on Saturday, 4 August.

Access to the postbox walk to Prosperous Bay will be limited. Anyone wanting to undertake the walk is asked to contact the tourist office to make arrangements.

Visits will be organised to vantage points to view work on the airport as key milestones are reached.

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