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Kew advises “little and often” regime to protect ancient trees

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Care of historic trees on St Helena has been improved on advice from experts at Kew Gardens in London, says the island government.

Concern was raised about a 200-year-old tree in Jamestown after the Agriculture and Natural Resources Directorate gave a routine warning that it might need to be cut down during maintenance work.

St Helena Government says guidance has now been taken from London on protecting ancient trees.

It says: “ANRD has taken up the advice Kew offered and now undertakes monitoring and surgery work more frequently and lightly on our historical trees.

“The trees are managed and maintained so as to not reach a state where heavy surgery works are required in a single year, in order to protect public safety and SHG liability.”

It says “very modest” work was planned to improve safety for two people living close to the tree in the lower part of the Duke of Edinburgh playground.

A public notice warned that more severe work might be necessary, including complete removal of the tree.

“This provision is often inserted into the public awareness notice by Crown Estates in case it is needed,” says the government.

Everything historic seems to be disappearing! Who can we get as a “guardian?”
And what will be next? Napoleon’s house? – Doreen Gatien, California

Nick bemoans lack of protection as work starts on ancient tree

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