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Judge praises Ken Baddon for ‘astute and helpful’ service

Ken Baddon has been praised for maintaining the “highest traditions” of the legal profession during his long service as St Helena’s Attorney General.

Chief Justice Charles Ekins paid tribute to him in his absence at the opening of the St Helena Supreme Court on 31 October 2013.

“I am aware that it may be that Mr Baddon will retire during the first half of next year,” said the judge.

“Mr Baddon has been the Attorney General of St Helena for very many years. Over those years he has frequently assisted this court.

“His assistance has invariably been astute and helpful. In the highest traditions of the profession, the manner in which he has sought to assist this court has been fair and always without hyperbole.

“He has been invariably courteous, not only to the court but so far as I could tell to colleagues both professional and lay. I think I can fairly speak on behalf of the judicial section in its entirety in wishing Mr Baddon a very happy and fulfilled retirement.”

  • Saint FM Community Radio was in court to record the words of the Chief Justice, on the very day that television cameras were allowed to record court proceedings in England for the first time in history, at a hearing of the Supreme Court in London.  
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