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One more bumpy voyage for Customs footbridge

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The “new” footbridge to carry people across the moat from the Customs house in Jamestown has finally been lowered into position, 16 months after it arrived on the island.

It first arrived on the island from South Africa in two pieces, but there were problems piecing it together and it was taken to The Briars.

The bridge has now been brought back down to Jamestown – via a barge from Rupert’s Bay, avoiding an awkward road journey through Main Street and the Arch. 

It took the muscle power of Johnny Isaac to pull it into position on the barge with the swell and the wind causing the barge to move around a lot.

Passengers arriving on the RMS St Helena on Sunday, 14 April are set to be the first to use it to meet waiting family and friends after clearing customs. Another thousand passengers are due to arrive aboard the cruise ship Amsterdam the following day.

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