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Jim is left hitch-hiking in mid-ocean as ship sails without him

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Botanist Jim McIntosh had been looking forward to a week’s holiday in Cape Town after a seven-month stint working on Tristan da Cunha. Instead, he watched the MV Edinburgh sail away without him.

Jim was dropped from the passenger list to make way for a medical patient, with his belongings already packed.

Now he’s been left trying to hitch a lift on any ships that might be passing nearby. In the meantime, he’s got a place booked on the next scheduled sailing from the island – six weeks after he should have left for home in the UK.

He writes about his frustration on his internet journal: “Andy, the Tristan Radio Operator, and Kobus, the Chief Executive, are contacting passing ships to ask if they could divert to Tristan and give me a lift, including one to the British Antarctic Survey, whose two ships are currently in transit between the Falkland Islands and the UK.

Meantime I’m packed up and ready to go – and I’ve got to stay ready as there might not be much notice of a ship arriving.

Jim has been on the island since 3 October 2011. His blog is full of detail on Tristan life.

It also tells how he had a lucky discovery when he had a nagging toothache in Cape Town and went to a dentist, just as he was about to embark for the island in Cape Town: “Ok, it’s bad but it could be worse. I’ve just had emergency root canal treatment.”

As he says, it would have been a lot worse if he’d had the toothache a week later.

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