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Jamestown jetty plan looks dead in the water

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Andrew Mitchell outside the Swindon meeting
Andrew Mitchell after meeting Saints in Swindolena

Plans for a breakwater at St Helena’s historic wharf have all-but been scrapped, according to International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell.

A permanent jetty is planned instead at Rupert’s Valley, he said.

He broke the news at a meeting for Saints and island-watchers at the Jury’s Inn Hotel in Swindon on Saturday 20 May 2012.

He said: “I think I’m right in saying the decision is made not to build the jetty.”

Click here to listen to Andrew Mitchell talking about the Jamestown jetty


At the moment the wharf has four user groups: freight; RMS passengers; cruise ships; and yachties. Moving freight (and all the associated warehouses) to Ruperts makes a lot of sense, though the road would need to be improved. The RMS won’t be bringing passengers and the yachties maybe don’t need a breakwater. But what will happen about cruise ships? Landing the passengers at Ruperts and bussing them to Jamestown? I suggest that is the issue with this plan that needs to be solved.

John Turner, St Helena
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