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It’s a record: ten runners to sail in for ‘really hard’ races

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The first record has already been broken in the St Helena Festival of Running, a fortnight before it has even begun.

Ten visiting athletes are lined up to take part in St Helena’s next festival of running – which is ten times as many as the year before.

In 2012, UK runner Henrietta Knight was the only overseas participant. She won three races, setting a new women’s record in the marathon.

A previous runner had been guaranteed a win in the marathon – she was the only competitor.

Cathy Alberts, the island’s head of tourism, said: “We have got ten international runners coming, which is absolutely great.

“We managed to get St Helena Line to agree to a little bit of discount, because it’s very expensive to get here.”

Henrietta said she would recommend other overseas athletes to compete in such “a spectacular place with marvellous people.”

But she added: “The running is really hard.”

St Helena Festival of Running takes place from 13 – 20 June 2013

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