ladder hill
shot in 2004
Ladder Hill was the Tower Hill of St Helena
The Islands capital
A great view shot from my DJI Drone flying over Jamestown Harbour
Rupert Beach
Easily accessible and safe
Rupert's Beach a popular black sandy beach for days out.
Boer Cemetery
Individual graves aligned
Hillside burial ground cemetery at Knollcombes

Island politicians want role in choosing governors

Leaders of UK overseas territories want a say in deciding how governors are chosen, according to a report in the Bermuda Sun.

The call is said to have been made by politicians from eight of the territories who met in Gibraltar to prepare for a summit in London later this year.

The article quotes Bermuda’s premier, Craig Cannonier, saying UK territories also wanted to see governors’ powers reduced:

“Governance of the territories is a hot, hot topic – how governors are chosen.

“I’m sure if you talk to Bermudians, most would like to see more choice in the governor or less powers or a more collective voice in what he does.”

However, he pointed out that most territories pay the salaries of their governors – unlike St Helena, which depends heavily on UK aid.

According to the article – headlined Back off Britain – the politicians also discussed opportunities for the territories to work together “and present a more united front to the UK government”.

Read the full article here.

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