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The St Helena report and the gap in media

Island media, 17 February 2012

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St Helena Independent: waste dumping and recycling – airport jobs – Essex House – polytunnels – link with NHS in Devon – Youth Parliament elections – and the man who travelled 5,000 miles to trim donkeys’ hooves

Columnist Vince Thompson looks back at a 2011 report on the island’s waste dumping problem – which has now become pressing because the existing tip at Horse Point is too close to the new airport runway and creates a hazard. Vince says the report appears to say that kerb-side collection of recyclable waste could only work if people were forced to do it. ‘This is complete nonesense,’ he says – referring to his own experience of introducing such a system in the UK.

‘By the way,’ he concludes, ‘the report includes an Action Plan. The final action in the plan was scheduled for completion by December last year. I don’t think any of the actions have even started yet.’

Basil Read, the company building St Helena’s airport, has taken on 15 Saints – out of 54 people who were interviewed in mid-January. Roles filled so far include a foreman, administrator and site agent. Six plant operators and six general labourers have been taken on. Further plant operators are still needed.

The paper praises improvements to historic details at Essex House in Jamestown, following concerns about whether they needed planning consent.

A team of advisers has been shown round tourism sites and businesses on the island, including polytunnels being used by Martin Joshua to grow salad crops. He said growing crops year-round under cover was the sustainable way to reduce imports, but more sites were needed. A visiting trainer is to run a week-long course on covered production from February 27.

Plans to set up a link between St Helena and a group of National Health Service trusts in Devon have been explained to Councillor Cyril Gunnell during a visit to the UK. He went to Devon with Dr Suresh, who is to be the island’s next senior medical officer.

Elections to St Helena’s Youth Parliament are to be held on 2 March 2012, with the election period starting on 25 February. Potential candidates need to fill in a self-nomation form.

A farrier from the UK has travelled the 5,000 miles to St Helena to clip the hooves of the island’s donkeys – and train islanders how to do it when he’s gone. Colin Goldsworthy, who worked at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon for 30 years, said the animals on St Helena were in much better condition than expected. He worked for free but had the honour of having a donkey named after him.

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