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Independent publishes ‘censored’ edition

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Indy Vince censored 640

The St Helena Independent has been published with a section removed and replaced with the word ‘censored’.

It followed an extraordinary legal manoeuvre by St Helena Government to block publication of a sensitive story.

Indy censored front 400A blacked-out space appeared on the front page, and a chunk of Vince Thompson’s weekly column was removed.

The sensitivity of the story was not known when it first ran on Saint FM on Friday, 29 January 2016.

The government secured a temporary injunction on Thursday afternoon, by which time the newspaper column had already been printed.

Acting Attorney General Angelo Berbotto had already issued an aggressive threat to sister station Saint FM for running a story that he said would run the risk of endangering lives.

No explanation was given either then or at any time up to the issuing of the injunction, and supporters of the newspaper who were consulted about the issue were baffled by his actions.

Further information will be published when it becomes known.

The affair coincided with the publication of an article in the Financial Times magazine that was highly critical of government secrecy on St Helena.

Read the paper here.

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