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In pictures: watch St Helena sink beneath the waves

A reader of The Guardian has warned that global warming and rising sea levels could mean “islands like St Helena will disappear.” Click the pics to see it happen (with thanks to photographer Johnny Clingham of the St Helena Community website).

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  • They’re talking a few cm’s per century; this is yet another case of pure alarmism. The sea has also been higher before on St Helena, as evidenced by dry sea caves and wave smoothed rocks – now above sea level.

  • It isnt islands like st helena that are at risk its low lying islands. It isn’t alarmist some are already having to be abandoned.

  • It isnt high volcanic islands like st helena that are at risk its the low lying islands that are feeling the change. The average rise has to be looked at in terms of the extreme changes too. Storms coupled with sea level rise can mean some islands can become engulfed a few times per year making them uninhabitable. That’s a reality not alarmist.

    ‘The IPCC (2007) midrange projection for sea level rise this century is 20–43 cm (8–17 inches) and its full range is 18–59 cm (7–23 inches).’

    At the top of the range thats over half a metre in the next 90 years. Many of the climate change predictions have underestimated the impacts which is worth keeping in mind.

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