Ian responds to critics on Rupert’s port project

Traders in Jamestown have been strongly critical of the plan to land cargo at Rupert’s Bay – leaving them with a difficult journey to transport goods to the shops, on narrow roads that hug steep hillsides. Executive councillor IAN RUMMERY offers a personal response. 

The thing about Rupert’s is that with limited funding, albeit £15 million, we are limited to construction at Rupert’s.

While Jamestown is the main wharf at present it cannot continue to be all things to all people.  If it is a working port then it cannot be used for leisure purposes.

At present there are significant health and safety risks. There is no room for warehousing. What would happen if we enforced health and safety measures and then prevented yachties from coming ashore?  What happens if a yachtie/tourist/Saint gets run over while on the wharf as they are moving cargo?

Another potential issue is that without a wharf we would require ships with their own cranes.  We have yet to receive the tenders for a new freight service but my understanding is that options would be more limited if the ships had to have their own crane.

There is a plan to upgrade the road from Rupert’s (Field Road and Side Path Road) and this is in the capital programme.

Rupert’s is not ideal but it is a compromise. Also, the haul road potentially opens up development opportunities outside of Jamestown, so in this case Rupert’s is ideally situated as the port.

Monster wharf crane is shipped out in pieces
Rupert’s set to be new ‘port’ as wharf is approved

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