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I feel good: Ma Flo toasts century with two birthday parties

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Ma Flo with Governor Mark Capes and his wife, Tamara
Ma Flo with Governor Mark Capes and his wife, Tamara

Florence Richards – “Ma Flo” – didn’t hold back when asked how it felt to be 100 years old. “I feel good and I all right,” she told SAMS Radio 1.

“Every day you live to see another day, thank God for your health and  strength, your food, whatever. I don’t moan. To be old and cheerful you got make your own self happy.”

Ma Flo, supplied by Greg PlatoClick for a gallery of images by Greg Plato

Ma Flo celebrated her centenary with two parties: one at home, at the Community Care Centre, and another at Plantation House, hosted by Governor Mark Capes.

Mr Capes said it was an honour to host the tea party. “Ma Flo is a very special Saint, a real treasure. Her warm personality, combined with such a cheerful and positive outlook on life, makes it a pleasure to be in her company.”

Ma Flo had told the Governor it was a special pleasure to have a party at Plantation House because she had worked there many years earlier.

Two of her daughters had travelled from Cape Town and the UK to attend the celebrations. One of her sons had made a special visit but could not stay on for the birthday itself, on 25 October 2013.

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