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Honeymoon Chair ‘would almost certainly have been condemned’

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Bougainvillea and broken support post slumped over the honeymoon chair
The damaged bougainvillea slumps over the concrete Honeymoon Chair (picture: Saint FM / Facebook)

The structure that collapsed over Jamestown’s much-loved Honeymoon Chair in April 2012 was already in a dangerous condition, according to an investigation.

The weight of the bougainvillea plant over the seat had caused the concrete cladding to crack and let in water, which corroded the steel inside.

It crumpled when workmen tried to prune the tree on 25 April.

A report published on the Saint FM Facebook page says: “When the structure was subjected to relatively small sideways force it had no strength and simply collapsed.”

Had it survived the pruning operation and been inspected, “three of the four pillars would almost certainly been condemned with the likely action being their demolition.”

A stronger support frame has already been constructed and awaits installation.

Honeymoon Chair is swamped as tree surgery goes wrong

Saint FM / Indy Facebook page

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