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Help wanted: can you identify these old St Helena pictures?

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Sergeant Arthur Jones is in the back row, far left

Sergeant Arthur Jones brought home a souvenir of his days guarding prisoners of war on St Helena – an album of photographs. Many years later, his son presented the pictures to his old regiment’s museum.

The photographs of Boer War prisoners from 1900-1902 – along with some local scenes – have since been published on the internet. But Peter Donnelly, curator of the King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum in Lancaster, UK, needs help identifying some of the places in the photographs.

“Any help anyone can give with captions and stories is most welcome and
appreciated,” he says. “I have found some references about the period, but not very much.  Whilst we have the excellent album from Sergeant Jones, we know little of what he did there – which is a great shame.”

Sergeant Jones did not travel out to the island with the rest of his regiment. “There is no record of any other King’s Own soldier serving on the island,” says Mr Donnelly.

The King's Own museum needs information about Sergeant Jones's photographs

“I very much doubt if Sergeant Jones took the photographs himself. I assume he either bought the photographs or bought the entire album.

“I am sure a similar album was sold a few years ago, possibly in Hampshire.”

Sergeant Jones’s album is now safely in store, with all the images – about 100 of them – posted on the museum website.

Visit a gallery of sample pictures here – with a contact form for sending information.

See all the pictures on the museum’s own website, here.

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