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Health service for Sandy Bay yet to be made public

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Councillors have been given a briefing on future health provision for Sandy Bay when the area’s clinic closes at the end of May 2012.

But a report by Governor Mark Capes does not say what new arrangements are likely to be put in place.

He said: “I asked for an update on the measures to be introduced to ensure that the people of Sandy Bay continued to have ready access to clinical services when the Sandy Bay clinic closes at the end of this month.

“Carol George, Director of Health, attended to provide details of the measures being proposed.”

St Helena Online has asked for details to be released because of strong public interest.

It was originally announced on 8 March that the clinic would close at the end of that month, along with a similar service at Head o’Wain.

Public protest secured a two-month reprieve for the Sandy Bay outpatient sessions when it was pointed out that some patients would have difficulty getting to alternative clinics in Half Tree Hollow or Levelwood.

A statement at the time said:  “The decision to close the clinics has been made as a result of low attendance and consequent inefficient use of medical and nursing staff time at these locations.

“With increasing pressure on financial resources, it is important that the Health and Social Welfare Directorate uses the resources it has in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

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