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Greener than green: Saint pitches to run campsite

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Just over the hill from the proposed site of “the world’s greenest hotel”, an even greener tourist development is planned:

St Helena’s first commercial campsite.

It has taken years of negotiation to secure approval for the much-vaunted eco resort at Broad Bottom. It looks as though clearing the way for the new campsite at Thompson’s Wood will be considerably more straightforward.

The proposal was discussed by executive councillors on Tuesday 16 October, before the public had even been told of its existence.

Governor Mark Capes described the idea as “interesting and innovative.”

He said: “The venture would require almost 5 acres of land to be excised from the national forests estate near Thompson’s Wood, and councillors were asked to approve this.

“Councillors welcomed the proposal, which they viewed as offering an attractive and ‘green’ alternative to traditional hotel-style accommodation.

“Another positive aspect of the proposed development was that the two individuals behind it, one from the UK and one from St Helena, had considerable experience of operating camp sites in Europe.”

No further details were available.

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