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Graham returns to help sort water supply problems

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Click the pic to see full drought coverage
Click the pic to see full drought coverage

Water consultant Graham Doig will return to St Helena in early July 2013 – but his main job will not involve tackling the island’s severe shortage of supplies.

St Helena Government has revealed details of his visit in response to a report that the island does have enough water, despite the current drought – but not necessarily where it’s needed.

His prime tasks are to prepare the island’s treatment works for upgrading. His visit is part of a programme that also includes ending the supply of untreated water to some homes.

The Castle said: “Graham Doig of Fairhurst is next coming to St Helena on 3 July 2013. He will ensure that essential works are carried out to the four water treatment works in advance of the refurbishment contractor arriving on island in September.

“The water infrastructure project includes for the supply of treated water to all communities.

Hutts Gate treatment works. Picture: Neil George
Hutts Gate treatment works. Picture: Neil George

“There is an infrastructure programme that includes water projects. It is a rolling programme spread over several years.

“The issue of water not being where it is needed is being addressed by looking holistically at the problem.

“One solution is to drill deep boreholes, but with the volcanic origins of the island it is difficult to predict where underground water might be found. There have been successes in this approach but a final decision has not been taken.

“We are in the information-gathering phase at the moment and once sufficient information has been gathered, the Water Resource Plan will be finalised and agreed with St Helena Government.

“The current plan is to supply Sandy Bay from the refurbished Levelwood water treatment works.

“The Woody Ridge area will be supplied from a refurbished Hutt’s Gate water treatment works.

“Plans are not yet finalised for supplying treated water to the Blue Hill distribution area.”

  • graham-doig-180Graham may or may not have the gift of making water run uphill, but he’s a top performer when it comes to running uphill himself. In January 2013, he set a new record for ascending the 699 brutal steps of Jacob’s Ladder. Sadly, he will arrive on the island just too late to take part in the 2013 St Helena Festival of Running.

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