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Governor praises search for Ziggy

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(St Helena Online has been off-line for a few days. This is one of the stories that were missed).

Tribute has been paid to people on St Helena who joined a search effort when three-year-old Ziggy Joshua went missing on the island – only days after arriving from Ascension. A message of thanks has been issued by His Excellency, Governor Mark Capes. It says:

On Friday 21 September Ziggy Joshua, aged three, went missing from the Hutt’s Gate area. Ziggy had only been on island since Wednesday of last week and therefore was unfamiliar with the local terrain.

When initial efforts to find Ziggy were unsuccessful the police were alerted, at about 1pm.

The police and the fire and rescues service immediately put into place arrangements for a full-scale search, recognising that it might extend into the night.

A number of SHG directorates, particularly the water division and the Health and Social Welfare Directorate, joined together with many volunteers from the community to support the search operation.

Basil Read [airport construction company] were also most helpful by quickly making their high-powered lighting equipment available, providing volunteers to assist in the search and offering additional medical support.

At about 4pm there was great relief for everyone involved when one of the search teams, led by deputy fire chief Alan Thomas and closely supported by Paul Laban with police dog Poppy, found Ziggy safe and some three quarters of a mile from where he had last been seen.

This was a happy ending for all concerned, including for many people on Ascension Island who know Ziggy. That so many people were ready to quickly unite in a common effort to support the search for Ziggy is a very positive indication of the strength of our community. I extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to everyone who came to Ziggy’s aid.

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