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Going downhill fast: Cable & Wireless claims kart trophy

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The Cable & Wireless kart takes a tumble. Picture by Neil George
The Cable & Wireless kart takes a tumble. Picture by Neil George

Seven improvised vehicles careered down the hill into Jamestown in St Helena’s first ever kart racing event, organised by the disability charity SHAPE.

Cable & Wireless was declared the overall winner at the end of a series of races in the Gravity Rush event.

The winners - by Neil George
The winners – by Neil George

Mike Olsson, reporting on Saint FM Community Radio, declared the event “a huge success.”

He said: An estimated 800 people watched the seven carts come down the street from AVES down to The Bridge in Jamestown.

“The event kept the town busy into the night. 

“The SHAPE kart was deemed to be the best design. Unfortunately, it had to withdraw later on due to technical problems. 

“This was a novelty for St Helena that undoubtedly will be repeated.”

St Helena Online comments: this was obviously a fabulous event – but maybe next year, the karts should start at Hutts Gate – it’s a drop of 2,000 feet, and downhill all the way.

A gallery of pictures by Neil George will be published on this site in the near future. 

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