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Gays who served in Falklands War tell of their pride

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Gay men weren’t allowed to serve in the Royal Navy back in 1982, but that didn’t stop some homosexuals sailing off to service in the Falklands War, reports the Pink News website.

It tells of Roy “Wendy” Gibson, who declined the chance to leave his ship when it was commandeered to join the British Task Force. Instead, he kept spirits up among the Paras by playing hits on his pink piano. Barbra Straisand went down a storm.

The site tells how openly gay stewards on civilian vessels worked under fire, gave blood, trained to operate guns, and volunteered in the ships’ hospitals.

Their presence has not been acknowledged in official histories, says Pink News, “but they value their campaign medals and feel proud that they didn’t turn back when offered the opportunity at Ascension Island.”

The Mirror website in the UK also tells of the bravery of Falkland Islanders who used their tractors to transport arms and equipment under the eyes of their Argentinain invaders, risking their lives.

Falkland Islanders gather in snow to mark 30 years of freedom

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