Movie night: Grease
T-birds and Pink Ladies turned on the Fifties style when St Helena’s New Horizons youth team staged a big screen open-air screening of the movie Grease on 29 December 2012.  Debbie Wahle got in a few shots before the light went.

Hallowe’en 2011
New Horizons youth centre set up a Haunted House at Kingshurst Community Centre to celebrate Hallowe’en in 2011.

Island jewellery inspired by a lost tribe (SHAPE)
A simple piece of jewellery, made from rolled-up paper, links craftspeople on St Helena with a lost tribe of river bushmen in Africa.

St Helena sinks beneath the waves
A Guardian reader warned that increasing air pollution could add to global warming, melt the polar icecaps, and make “islands like St Helena” disappear. Click to watch it happen…

Flight simulation: first aircraft to land at St Helena?
Watch the video or see a gallery of pictures as “Basil Read Air” lands at St Helena International airport in 2016. But is it really the first plane to land? And who’s flying the plane?

RMS St Helena in dry dock
St Helena’s supply ship as you don’t normally see her, during her 2012 refit

Airport supply ship docks at St Helena
The NP Glory 4 becomes the first ship to dock at St Helena since its discovery more than 500 years earlier

The wreck of the Queequeg
Bruce Salt captured the drama as a veteran wooden racing yacht was smashed on rocks near Jamestown after its mooring failed

St Helena, Maryland: chance to buy an island dream
It doesn’t get more exclusive than a private island. St Helena Island is only a short boat ride from Baltimore, but a world away. And half of it was up for sale in 2012.

Boer War prisoners on St Helena 1900-1902
Sergeant Arthur Jones guarded prisoners of war on St Helena – and returned home with an album of photographs. The King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum would like help in identifying them.

Rock fall protection works
Professional “risky access photographer” Marc Lavaud has a gallery of dramatic pictures of the “hairnet” being put in place above Jamestown’s historic wharf.

St Helena Day 2012 – Barry Hubbard
Barry Hubbard’s pictures of the novelty sports on the sea front are guaranteed to raise a smile (note: Facebook gallery – you need to log in to see it)

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