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Fingers crossed as councillors rule on Saint FM licence

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St Helena’s executive council was due to meet at 2pm on Friday 22 February 2013 to decide whether to grant a broadcasting licence for a revived Saint FM. JULIE THOMAS, chair of Saint FM Community Radio, provides an update.

Well another week has passed and we continue to do our utmost to meet the requirements put before us to re-establish Saint FM.

This week marked two further achievements of the committee.  Firstly, we were successful in registering our company; therefore we are now a legal entity limited by guarantee, known as Saint FM Community Radio (Guarantee) Limited, registered as Company Number 93.

This status was achieved just before close of business on Friday of last week.  Achieving this status should put us in a favourable position to achieve our broadcasting licence.

If approval of our licence is achieved, testing of the frequencies will commence over the weekend or by Monday of next week at the latest.

Our next immediate task is to commence liaison with Cable & Wireless to broadcast from various sites owned or leased by them, such as High Knoll and The Flagg, as was done previously with the former Saint FM.

Secondly, the management committee held a promotional event outside of the New Horizons Centre last Saturday, to give members of the public the opportunity to become a member of Saint FM Community Radio, and to ask any questions.

This was a successful event, with over 200 persons signing up.  To date our membership total stands at 241 – increasing rapidly on a daily basis.

The committee will be holding similar events at Half-Tree-Hollow and Longwood on Saturday, 23d February 2013. Membership costs £5, or £1 for unwaged people.

Fingers crossed the next update will be done via the airwaves of Saint FM.

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