Favourite stories of 2012: it wasn’t all strife

It’s been a big year on St Helena, but not all the stories published on this website have been about the island’s new airport, or the turmoil in its media services. Click on the links for some favourite tales of 2012.


Only days into the new year, the first airport construction vehicles rolled up through Jamestown. St Helena Online didn’t become active until the end of the month, and it wasn’t long before it was reporting the start of the island’s transformation. But in those first three months, stories tended to be on the quirky side – including the plan for Napoleon to escape from St Helena in a barrel.


Glory for St Helena’s international cricketers were followed St Helena Day and celebrations of the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Edie Timm won an MBE, and Nandeli Pelembe won a running race.


The airport supply ship became the first ever to dock at St Helena, students won first class honours, and Nick Stevens broadcast to the world. And a new kind of necklace produced by the island’s craft charity, SHAPE, turned out to be a link to a lost African tribe.


A paraglider flew over Longwood, and astronauts on the NASA space station snapped an amazing picture of swirls of clouds caused by winds striking St Helena. And Hallowe’en came to High Knoll Fort.

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