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Santa delivers to four-year-old Sean – on a yacht

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Kevin Ward's yacht, Canace, was leading the Governor's Cup fleet on Christmas morning. Picture: Jan Theron
Kevin Ward’s yacht, Canace, was leading the Governor’s Cup fleet on Christmas morning. Picture: Jan Theron

Father Christmas manages to deliver presents to children even when they are at sea in a yacht race, it seems.

The youngest competitor in the 2012 Governor’s Cup race is reported to have been untroubled to spend Christmas Day on his parents’ boat.

Sean Kavanagh, who is four years old, did not let sailing get in the way of playing with his new toys.

Dad Michael reported that they included “an activity book and coloured pencils, Lego, a little light torch, and a quad bike that pulls an inflatable rubber boat, so he can fantasize about pulling and launching his own boat.”

A lack of wind meant a leisurely Christmas morning for Sean, mum Heidi,  Michael and their regular race team aboard Ray of Light.

In a radio interview, Michael told race journalist Sue Pelling: “We are now 377 miles into our voyage and are all enjoying a fabulous Christmas Day at sea.

“We are currently becalmed but the sun is shining and everybody is in good spirits. We’ve had one round of Christmas presents this morning, and yesterday we discovered a hunk of pork roast, which somehow sneaked its way on board.

“Just before we were about to eat the roast pork we caught a lovely yellow tail (tuna) so we had that for starter. All that is missing is a bit of breeze.

“There is lots of sea life, dolphins, and jumping tuna all around, so even though we are stuck in no wind, we feel it is a privilege to be out here. Basically, if you were looking for a cruising and sun-tanning holiday, this would be it.”

Yacht pulls out: The crew aboard Unwind advised Cape Town Radio yesterday of their retirement due to rudder problems, writes Sue Pelling.

They arrived at Yachtport, Saldanha Bay, on Christmas Eve, but intended to resume their voyage to St Helena once the steering problem was fixed.

After a near-perfect start and a tricky and tactical first couple of days, the 19-strong fleet was beginning to settle into life at sea off the western coast of South Africa.

According to the race tracker, Canace was leading the fleet on Christmas Day, skippered by Kevin Ward and crewed by a team of six between the ages of 52 and 70.

However, she was stuck in an area of high pressure, which could affect her position if the likes of Rob Newman’s Du Toit catamaran Compromise – one of the early race leaders  – maintained her consistent speed.

  • The race website was down on Christmas night, meaning it was not possible to publish the latest fleet positions.
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