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Farewell to the Goats; welcome to St Helena Online

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Goat, black and white image
It's no use looking soppy (picture by Windy Mayes)

This website has changed its name. It was called The Island That Was Eaten By Goats because it was originally conceived as a blog, not a news site, and blogs are meant to have unconventional names. St Helena’s greenery was ravaged by goats over several centuries, so it seemed pertinent.

The address is thegatesofchaos still, because that’s harder to change. It, too, seemed like a good, bloggy URL when the site started. It was intended to say that life in St Helena was not entirely ordinary; nothing more. Possibly people have taken it to mean that the site is about exposing incompetence and dishonesty and hypocrisy, which it isn’t (although it may be doing that in the next few days).

Actually, The Gates of Chaos is the name of a gorge in the Sandy Bay area of St Helena. Few people go there. John Grimshaw, blogging historian, posted a fine picture of the gorge, here.

So please don’t say, “The Gates of Chaos” any more. And definitely don’t say, “The Goats of Chaos”.


St Helena’s new newspaper: challenging all comers? (meaning of The Sentinel’s name)
Naming this blog is no joshing matter

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