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Falklands rationing: not enough eggs, but islanders soldier on

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Rationing is starting to hit on the Falklands as a result of Argentina obstructing supplies to the islands.

The BBC’s Allan Little says the trade restrictions are exercising islanders’ minds much more than the presence of Prince William at RAF Mount Pleasant.

‘You can’t get eggs and you can’t get vegetables,’ he says in report for the radio programme, From Our Own Correspondent.

‘South America once traded happily with the islanders, supplying all their needs. But Buenos Aires has been working hard to cut the islands off.

‘Recently, Argentina persuaded other South American countries to turn Falklands-flagged vessels away from their ports. Ships rounding Cape Horn heading for the Falklands are routinely stopped, searched and delayed, so much so that merchant vessels have largely given up trying.

‘But they are an unflappable lot, the Falkland Islanders. They keep calm and carry on.’

Read the full report here.

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