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Falklands headlines: old rockers strike again (comment added)

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The headline writers are evidently reaching for very old lists of the pop charts in their quest to make the current Falklands tensions ‘more punter’. It was, perhaps, inevitable that we’d be given ‘Don’t lie to us, Argentina’; but now the embroiling of Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters in the debate has inspired ‘We don’t need no Falkland Islands’.

It’s a corruption of a line from Another Brick In The Wall – lyrics by Waters, Roger.

The latest news is that Morrissey, former front man of The Smiths, has also gone public in support of Argentina’s claim to the islands. What headlines will that prompt?

Titles to play with include The World Won’t Listen and, erm, Bigmouth Strikes Again.

See the Pink Floyd lyrics here.


As a teacher at a school just a few miles from the Dachau memorial site, it pains me no end to see such useful idiots fighting over each other to do the most service to the fascist cause. Morrissey would have found his words perfectly at home here in Munich 73 years ago.

To hell with the principle of self-determination, of hearing the voice of the actual Falklanders themselves, of even recognising the historical record. I am deeply ashamed that such people are allowed to be given the use of British media to spout their fascist ideology despite lacking any qualifications, understanding or experience in the matter whilst proclaiming that they speak for me.

– Kier

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