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Ex-Broadmoor psychiatrist visits St Helena inmates

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Serious offenders have been visited in St Helena’s prison by a specialist psychiatrist.

Dr Tim McInerney (picture: St Helena Government)
Dr Tim McInerny (picture: St Helena Government)

Dr Tim McInerny – who also works on the Falklands – has been brought in to help prisoners avoid re-offending when they are released.

He carried out assessments by video link with some prisoners before arriving on the island on 11 January 2014, and will continue to do so on his return to the UK.

He is also giving training in managing offenders – for their own sakes, and for public safety.

He said he was impressed by what he had seen.

“The prison service is doing a lot of good work despite limited resources. Every professional working here is quite isolated and I think it’s really helpful to have my support to help them improve their expertise and to really try and get the best outcomes.

Jamestown prison: whitewashed building with blue balcony over barred door
HMP Jamestown: picture by John Grimshaw

“I have been a visiting psychiatrist to the Falkland Islands for 13 years so I know a lot about the challenges facing a small community in terms of both risk and mental health – and also the need to develop programmes that take into account a small community, the feelings of the community and what practical resources are available.”

Dr McInerny trained in criminal psychiatry and worked for nine years in the UK’s maximum security hospital, Broadmoor, before moving to a low-security hospital in London, helping offenders prepare for release.

(Source: St Helena Government).

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