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Elsa’s homecoming crackles over the airwaves

When Elsa Green returned to St Helena after 62 years of living abroad, she might have expected a fairly quiet homecoming – but for a highly unlikely encounter on the airwaves.

A local paper in England, the Newbury Weekly News, tells of the chain of events that led to her arrival in Jamestown being greeted with full media coverage on Saint FM Community Radio.

Mrs Green’s son-in-law, Adrian Martin, is the paper’s managing director. He mentioned to his chairman, Jeremy Willis, that she was returning to the island. Mr Willis is an amateur radio enthusiast; he was on the air the next day, and by chance, in “rather unusual weather conditions”, he picked up a contact from St Helena.

Island radio operator Bruce Salt told him Mrs Green was arriving on the island that very day – and alerted producers at Saint FM Community Radio, who followed up the story.

Read the full saga in the Newbury Weekly News:

(With thanks to Guy Gatien in California for drawing attention to the story)

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