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Cruise ship Sinfonia lands passengers at second attempt

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Passengers from the cruise ship MSC Sinfonia have been allowed ashore at Jamestown after the ship’s captain negotiated to be able to stay off the island overnight. It had been ruled that the sea was too rough for hundreds of sightseers to go ashore as planned on Sunday, 20 January 2013.

Hazel Wilmot sent this message from the Consulate Hotel at 06.51hrs:

Ship is disembarking passengers soon and all have to be back on board by 1.00pm – thank goodness for small mercies. Let the fun begin!

A source on the island said there were many friends and relatives of islanders who had booked on the cruise just to spend a single day ashore.

He said a few passengers who had booked to travel to Cape Town on the Sinfonia were summoned by the shipping agents to get their luggage to the wharf as quickly as possible before the ship was expected to depart early after the decision not to allow landings.

Passengers were said to be “irate” at the decision, which was then reversed.

Cruise ship delays sailing in hope of landing passengers
Another ship, another mad day at the Consulate. And another…

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