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Could Titan be our next European Airline operator for St Helena

Titan boeing

Today it was confirmed that Titan Airways has been selected to operate a second charter flight to St Helena on the 27th July 2020.

The charter flight will depart London Stansted and will stop over at Ascension Island on the way to St Helena. Inbound passenger numbers on this charter flight to St Helena is limited due to accommodation limitation for mandatory quarantine on arrival on Island, outbound passengers are also limited to a maximum of 140.

This is the second visit to St Helena for the British charter airline operator as they were contracted to fly COVID-19 test kits, staff and medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic on their Airbus A318 via Accra and Ascension Island in April 2020.

Cockpit of 757-200 – credit Bill Abbott

Titan was the first to land an Airbus A318 on St Helena and the second planned flight will see Titan utilise one of their two Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

This will also be the first time for a Boeing 757-200 to land on St Helena, incidentally the 757-200 is identically to the aircraft that is privately owned by the US president Donald trump except its configured to carry more passengers and probably don’t cost as much. Footage and a full blog post from Titans  first arrival and landing at St Helena can found here on

Saints and travellers who have the desire to visit St Helena has voice their opinion on the urgent need for a European hub to fly to St Helena, Could Titan be the next air service operator who could deliver this service from Europe?

Photo credit to Laurent_Errera.

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  • SHG should be seriously looking at Titan, even a two week schedule once SHG drop the quarantine requirements. 140 in and 140 out. This would probably be cheaper than flying to South Africa with overnight stops in a country that is becoming more dangerous.

  • Steve I can only agree, I saw some where Titan is replacing the two aircraft soon and having them replaced but that might be reconsidered if there is a possibility for them to have some guaranteed work for there aircraft. They will probably only need one fuel stop on the way in and one out, would nt that be great for european and US travelers.

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