Games baton approaches: no need to get sniffy, Jonathan

It’s too bad that Jonathan the tortoise no longer has much of a sense of smell. The Commonwealth Games baton is to arrive on St Helena on 19 February 2014, and it might well carry, to the well-tuned nose, the faint whiff of a giant tortoise. Which would doubtless make an interesting change from the aroma […]

Simon and Carlos shoot their way to silver medal

From St Helena Government press office, 16 July 2013: Simon Henry and Carlos Yon have today won a silver medal in the 2013 NatWest Island Games in Bermuda for the 50-metre Three Position Small Bore Rifle Team event. This is believed to be the first time that St Helena has ever won a silver medal […]

Gravity Rush 2013: it’s a photo-finish

Click the pic to see a gallery of shots by NEIL GEORGE from Jamestown’s first-ever kart racing event – including drivers getting splatted with wet sponges on the Bridge.

Going downhill fast: Cable & Wireless claims kart trophy

Seven improvised vehicles careered down the hill into Jamestown in St Helena’s first ever kart racing event, organised by the disability charity SHAPE. Cable & Wireless was declared the overall winner at the end of a series of races in the Gravity Rush event. Mike Olsson, reporting on Saint FM Community Radio, declared the event […]

Ryan brings a new dawn for sport on St Helena

Ryan Pelley, who has been sent from Canada to help develop sports on St Helena, has clearly been enjoying the experience. He took this picture of the sunrise over Sugarloaf during an early morning fishing trip. He’s also played cricket for the first time – an important experience to have on an island whose players […]

It’s a record: ten runners to sail in for ‘really hard’ races

The first record has already been broken in the St Helena Festival of Running, a fortnight before it has even begun. Ten visiting athletes are lined up to take part in St Helena’s next festival of running – which is ten times as many as the year before. In 2012, UK runner Henrietta Knight was […]

Skilled boatmen must not miss tourism boat, warns Hedge

Highly skilled boatmen on St Helena will miss out on a future tourism boom unless the island’s maritime rules are brought up to date, yachting expert Chris “Hedge” Shuter has warned.  He has been commissioned to help solve the problems of the island’s “unworkable” sea laws – and make sure local boatmen can get the […]

Watersports are on the horizon – for tourists and Saints

Jamestown’s historic seafront is set to bustle with watersports activities when well-off tourists begin flying into the island from 2016 – and Saints could join the fun.  Yachtmaster Hedge Shuter told Saint FM listeners: “People are going to want to go out sports fishing, they’re going to want to do their trips around the island. […]

Tyler and friends re-take class lead as yachts dash for home

Saint scout Tyler Brady and his crew mates aboard JML Rotary Scout have re-taken the lead in their class in the Governor’s Cup yacht race, with the finish at St Helena almost in sight. They sailed 156 miles in 24 hours, against the 101 miles of closest rival Kuheli. Read the full rankings, as recorded […]