Historian wants to bring Great War wreck back home

A rusting trawler in South Georgia is thought to be the last surviving boat of its kind to have served in the First World War – and now a historian wants to return it toEngland. The Hull Daily Mail says the Viola was converted to carry out anti-submarine patrols, and helped sink two German submarines […]

First ever Ascension Island flag to fly

His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha, has warmly welcomed Royal approval of the design of the first ever flag of Ascension Island, saying: “I am delighted to announce that Her Majesty The Queen has graciously approved the design of the first ever flag for Ascension Island, part […]

Can top financier make money for a rock in the ocean?

One of the world’s richest men is being asked to come to the aid of one of its poorest – and smallest – island communities. The mayor of Pitcairn has warned that the island is in danger of becoming unsustainable if its population falls any further. It is home to fewer than 60 people, mostly […]

Displaced islanders written off as “a few Man Fridays”

Newly-released secret papers show how officials conspired to remove the people of the Chagos Islands, one of Britain’s overseas territories. The UK government was negotiating a deal that would allow the United States to use the islands as a military base – but the resident Chagossians were forcibly deported. Some left the island on trips […]

South Georgia marine reserve: a ‘land grab’ in the ocean?

The creation of a vast marine reserve around South Georgia could be seen as a way of grabbing territory for the UK, a political analyst has warned. “Given that Argentina claims sovereignty over the newly protected areas,” says Dr James Allan, “the British government’s decision is a reminder of how environmental matters are often closely […]

UK protects ocean for fish and albatross

A million square kilometres of ocean have been given new protection around the British territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. It will safeguard one of the most important fish-spawning grounds in the Southern Ocean – home to seven species of globally threatened sea bird, including the wandering albatross. Sir David Attenborough, whose […]

HMS Montrose continues islands tour

HMS Montrose is nearing the end of a six-month deployment to  all the British overseas territories in the South Atlantic, following a season of anti-piracy action in the Indian Ocean. Navy News has an impressive picture of the type-23 frigate approaching Gough Island, photographed from the air. See it on the Navy News website. HMS […]

Islands are key to ice riches, says academic

Britain’s islands in the South Atlantic are frontier posts in a race for economic riches in the Antarctic, according to an academic in Argentina. In past centuries, St Helena was a vital refuelling station for the commercial supply lines of the British Empire. Now, says Juan Recce, her sister islands have become key strategic assets, […]

Film makers focus on the Falkland spirit

Two young film makers are planning to cross the Falkland Islands to try to record the lives of islanders. Jamie Gallant and Vern Cummins – one American, one a Brit – fly out in June, in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere winter. The timing should at least help them uncover the resilience that Jamie […]

Three-way tango that led to Falklands tensions – 200 years later

Spain had a chance to settle the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands more than 200 years ago – and fluffed it. The diplomatic dithering laid the foundations for the present-day tensions between Britain and Argentina. In a reprint of an article from 1982, Peter Burley tells the story of the 1770 dispute between Britain, France […]