Territories vote early on who gets a ticket to Longwood

It’s long been a gripe (for some) that people in British overseas territories don’t have a vote in UK parliamentary elections, while their counterparts in French overseas territories do vote in theirs. In fact, the citizens of St Pierre et Miquelon and the other French territories get to cast their vote a day earlier than people in the […]

St Helena votes to invite the Queen

A proposal to invite Her Majesty the Queen and the President of France to St Helena in 2015 has won the support of the island’s legislative council. It’s understood the Governor’s office will be responsible for issuing the invitation to visit the island, to help mark the 200th anniversary of the Emperor Napoleon’s arrival on […]

Napoleon anniversary: ‘Let’s invite the Queen’

The Queen and the President of France will be invited to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s arrival on St Helena – if the idea wins approvals from island councillors. The French emperor arrived on the island on 15 October, 1815 – only four days after news reached the island that he was on his […]

Napoleon gets a theme park (not in Longwood)

A theme park nicknamed ‘Napoleonland’ is planned in France, according to a report on the UK-based Mail Online website. It says visitors will be treated to daily re-enactments of the Battle of Waterloo, which led to the French emperor’s exile to St Helena. A water show recreating the Battle of Trafalgar is also planned, says the […]

Escape plan put Boney in a barrel

Plans were made to carry Napoleon away from captivity at Longwood in a barrel, according to a new book reviewed on John Tyrrell’s blog, Reflections on A Journey to St Helena. He says The Emperor’s Last Campaign, by Emilio Ocampo, is ‘a fascinating and important book which provides a totally new perspective on Napoleon’s captivity on […]

Napoleon book’s neat slogan for St Helena

How do you describe St Helena in a slogan that’ll catch the attention of would-be tourists? There was a debate about this a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the outcome, but I’ve just been reminded of a neat line that should have been considered. It comes from Julia Blackburn’s book, The Emperor’s Last […]