Efforts continue on St Helena broadband

The campaign to divert an underwater internet cable via St Helena continues to attract publicity around the world. The latest report is on the Computer Active website, which compares the island with an English village. It quotes Julian Morris, chief executive for economic development on St Helena, who says: “There would need to be support […]

Penguin News editor sets out need for rigorous reporting

The editor of the Falkland Islands newspaper, Penguin News, is the subject of the regular “My perfect weekend” feature in London’s Telegraph newspaper. She notes that 95 per cent of students return home to the islands after going abroad to university – a figure St Helena might envy. She also sets out the value of […]

St Helena cricket heroes make the front page

St Helena’s national cricket team has made the front page of the British national newspaper, The Daily Telegraph – nine days beating four African nations in its first-ever international tournament. Writer David Millward names 57-year-old Gavin George as one of the star players, partly thanks to a game in which he and his son David each […]

The paper that refused to die: St Helena Independent goes LIVE

The St Helena Independent’s relaunch issue is now live on the internet, a month after it “closed down” in the face of competition from the government-funded Sentinel newspaper. Read it here. St Helena Online will supply news and features for the revived paper in what may be a unique partnership, while maintaining the site’s editorial […]

Media funding must be fair, says John – as MP holds debate

The re-launch of the St Helena Independent – in competition with a government-funded rival – has prompted island blogger John Turner to oppose media subsidies. But in the UK, one Conservative MP has called for tax breaks and financial assistance for local newspapers that cannot survive in the face of competition from the internet. Louise […]

The St Helena Independent is back – this Friday

A rescue package has been put together to bring back the St Helena Independent – just under a month after its “final” edition was published. The revived Indy will appear – in print and on the internet – on Friday, 27 April, 2012. St Helena Government has said it wishes the paper well. Long-standing columnists Vince Thompson and […]

A statement

by Simon Pipe Readers of this website will know that I was quoted in The Independent newspaper in the UK, saying that St Helenians were wonderful people but they could not run businesses. I am emphatically not claiming that I was misquoted, but people who know me will know I do not hold that view. I […]

Farewell to the Goats; welcome to St Helena Online

This website has changed its name. It was called The Island That Was Eaten By Goats because it was originally conceived as a blog, not a news site, and blogs are meant to have unconventional names. St Helena’s greenery was ravaged by goats over several centuries, so it seemed pertinent. The address is thegatesofchaos still, because […]

Hotel owner is censured for chamber resignation call

Hazel Wilmot has been formally rebuked for publicly demanding the resignations of the leaders of the island’s chamber of commerce, over the closure of the St Helena Independent. A statement from the chamber – sent to this website by Ms Wilmot – says the owner of The Consulate Hotel in Jamestown has been given a “public censure”. It says […]

Robyn snaps business prize – and other stories from The Sentinel

Issue number two of St Helena’s new newspaper has a lively crop of stories, including a strong front page picture and reaction to the vandalism of the steel nets designed to prevent rockfalls on Jamestown. Molly Thomas, of Napoleon Street, told the paper: “It’s very wrong. When the rocks roll, me and my husband could be victims. Since the […]