Water is now safe in Levelwood – but E.coli threat remains

Drinking water in the Levelwood and Rupert’s Valley areas of St Helena has been declared safe for drinking – 12 days after potentially-dangerous E.coli bacteria was found in the island’s supply system. Most people living in homes fed by the Red Hill water treatment plant have also been given clearance to use water without sterilising […]

E-coli alert remains – but Jamestown gets the all-clear

Water has been declared safe for drinking in parts of St Helena following a bacteria scare – but a warning to boil water remains in place for much of the island. It’s been more than a week since potentially-dangerous E-coli bacteria was discovered in the island’s water supply. No cases of human infection have been […]

Bacteria alert: St Helenians ordered to boil water

Traces of potentially harmful E-coli bacteria have been found in St Helena’s water supply. No one is thought to have been infected by the bug. People on the island have been instructed to boil water for at least a minute before drinking it – even if it looks clean. The bacteria was found during routine […]