Falklands Liberation Day: 1982 – 2012

Parades and commemorations to mark the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands have taken place across the the UK and in the islands. In Stanley, islanders attended a service of commemoration in falling snow. The Falkland Islands flag was flown over 10 Downing Street – the home of Britain’s Prime Minister – as […]

Falkland Islanders to vote on whether to stay British

People on the Falklands are to vote on whether the islands should remain a British overseas territory,. The island government has called for a referendum among the 3,000 islanders as a way of sending a clear message about whether they want to become part of Argentina, which lies 150 miles away at its nearest point. […]

Experts, expats and what England expects: a governor’s view, part 2

Andrew Gurr, immediate past governor of St Helena, has been sharing his insights from his recent four-year stint behind the big desk in The Castle in Jamestown. See part one of his talk to the Friends of St Helena here. In part two, below, he talks about attitudes to expats, experts, the Foreign and Commonwealth […]

The inside story on St Helena, by former governor Andrew Gurr

While cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell was in Swindolena in May 2012, telling Saints about their island’s bright opportunities, Andrew Gurr was just 30 miles away in Oxford, sharing insights from his four years as governor (2007-2011). The two men were speaking at exactly the same time. A recording of Mr Gurr’s talk has now been […]

Buenos Airies sues Falklands oil companies

Argentina has begun legal action against five UK oil companies for offshore exploration around the Falkland Islands, claiming they are operating in Argentinian territory. In return, Britain has accused Buenos Aires of illegal harassment and intimidation. Read more here.

Study seeks to understand ‘infamous’ Falklands birds

Birds of prey on the Falkland Islands – and the problems they cause for farmers – are to be studied in a three-year project through the UK’s Darwin Initiative. Falklands Conservation says little is known about the turkey vulture, southern caracara or “the infamous and very rare striated caracara”, known locally as Johnny Rook. Read […]

Soldiers pull a Hercules for a kilometre

Military personnel have raised ¬£6,000 for service charities… by pulling a 70-ton Hercules aircraft across a kilometre of the Mount Pleasant air base on the Falklands. See story here.

Penguin News editor sets out need for rigorous reporting

The editor of the Falkland Islands newspaper, Penguin News, is the subject of the regular “My perfect weekend” feature in London’s Telegraph newspaper. She notes that 95 per cent of students return home to the islands after going abroad to university – a figure St Helena might envy. She also sets out the value of […]

The Falklands invasion as it happened – 30 years on

2 April 1982, Government House, Stanley: “Stop fighting, Mr Hunt! Come out, Mr Hunt! Tell your marines to stop fighting!” It is 30 years since an invasion force¬†landed on the Falkland Islands, starting a brief but brutal war that left many dead and others scarred – but also woke Britain up to the existence of […]

St Helena’s just not horrible enough for marathon runners

A few days ago, this website pondered the reasons why the world’s most southerly marathon (Falkland Islands) was so much more popular than the world’s most remote marathon (St Helena). Perhaps it’s political: one wouldn’t want to make too much of it, but the relay event in the 2012 Stanley Marathon was won by a […]