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Castle questions ‘bizarre efforts to justify closure’ of Saint FM

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St Helena Government issued the following statement, shortly after the closure of Saint FM radio station:

“The UK Government and SHG value the diversity of media and opinion in St Helena, just as in other Overseas Territories, and we recognise Saint FM’s contribution to informing the public and stimulating public debate, as well as its entertainment value.

“It is therefore a matter of regret that Mr Olsson has chosen to close down his radio station, especially at Christmas time, but of course that is clearly a commercial decision for him.

“Far less clear is why Mr Olsson is making such bizarre comments in an effort to justify his decision to terminate Saint FM just days before Christmasbut that’s a matter for Mr Olsson, not a matter for SHG or the UK Government.

“However, Mr Olsson’s decision to close his radio station does serve to highlight the need for media sustainability, diversity and choice on St Helena.”

  • In his emotional closing comments on air, Mike Olsson said the government did not like community radio, and expressed once again his upset at Governor Mark Capes’s Christmas address, which praised his rivals at the St Helena Broadcasting (Guarantee) Corporation.  
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