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Castle Plaza? Tourist chiefs get twenty-twenty vision

Possible changes to Jamestown’s historic centre are to be put to the public as St Helena prepares for the advent of air travel.

Ideas such as a plaza outside The Castle for open-air dining have been set out in a paper called “Jamestown – a vision for 2020.” Executive councillors have agreed to a two-stage public consultation.

The island government said it needed “to give Jamestown a new role when, in just a few years, it ceases to be the point of entry to St Helena for both passengers and cargo.

“The vision seeks to enhance the charming, historic and cultural attractions of Jamestown, while developing creative new uses for some buildings and areas, including the provision of more residential accommodation, especially in lower Jamestown.”

In 2012, property advisers suggested that East India Company offices, the prison and even part of The Castle could be converted to tourist accommodation.

The vision document will be made public by Enterprise St Helena in February.

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